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9 subtle behavioral cues that an attacker will exhibit before he begins his rampage (some are so inconspicuous that you have to know EXACTLY what to look for to spot them)
• 3 techniques to assess the danger level of any situation, the escape routes in any location and the best plan of action that will ensure your survival
• The scientific reason why people’s rational brain “shuts down” in an emergency situation and what to do to prevent that (panic is one of the biggest factors that gets people killed)
One thing to NOT do around law enforcement officers when they arrive (police offers and SWAT are trained to shoot on sight if you exhibit this behavior)
• What to do and what NOT do if you ever get taken as a hostage (including one unusual “trick” that will make your captors think twice before pulling the trigger)
A fun game to teach your children that will train them to be able to survive an active shooter situation (without scaring them or putting them through emotional trauma)
The best places to hide and take cover in case of an attack (including the worst places to hide that most attackers will search first)
• One exercise you can do each day to train yourself to spot and avoid dangerous situations before they even occur
Plus many other tips and advice that you can pass on to your family and friends.
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We Live in a Violent and Scary World…
It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of another savage terrorist attack or pointless mass shooting happening somewhere in the country.
Public massacres like school and workplace shootings and acts of terrorism are definitely on the rise.
As a matter of fact, one recent study showed that public massacre events have increased by a whopping 167% from the first half of the decade to the last half.
You already know about the more well-known attacks like San Bernardino, Sandy Hook and the Orlando night club shootings.
But did you know that the actual number of mass shooting events in the U.S. is much, much higher?
According to a NBC online news story, there were more than 350 public massacres just last year alone
Most people think “It’s shocking, but I don’t think that will ever happen to me…”
However, it’s exactly this kind of thinking that gets people killed.
When an active shooter event occurs, you don’t have time to think.
99% people act on instinct: they panic, they stop making rational decisions and they head for the closest exit along with hundreds of other people, jamming the exit and making it easier for the shooter to mow down everybody at once.
But if you knew what to do beforehand…
If you possessed knowledge taught by survival preparedness and self-defense experts,
You would be able to remain calm and collected, knowing and being ready to take all the steps necessary to ensure your survival and the survival of your family.
This book will give you the knowledge you need to survive any kind of public massacre situation be it an active shooter event, a terrorist attack or a hostage situation.
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