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The Second Amendment is the most important right Americans hold…PERIOD! 
It says, “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”
The last few words are key: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! 
Our Founding Fathers put it into the Bill of Rights because they feared a tyrannical government taking over in the future and harming its citizens.
They knew that if EVERY American had the right to keep and bear arms, it would discourage and deter such action by tyrannical forces. 
The Second Amendment to the Constitution is Our Insurance Policy 
Against Losing Our Way of Life!  
For those that think a “tyrannical force” isn’t a possibility in America…You are Ignoring history!
History is full of stories of tyrannical forces overtaking unarmed people. What happened to the Jews in Germany prior to World War II is a prime example.
The Second Amendment also gives us the right to protect ourselves and our families. 
Unfortunately …
Our Second Amendment Rights Have Been UNDER ASSAULT Since at Least 2008!
There have been several attempts by the Federal Government to flat out ban certain types of “assault weapons” and implement national gun registries to keep track of who owns what firearms…
Fortunately, these attempts have FAILED in Congress which has led many gun owners to claim victory in this ongoing battle.
But don’t be fooled…
The Gun-Control Cartel is now turning to other SNEAKY methods like presidential executive actions, outrageous gun and ammo “sin taxes” …
…And even allowing gun victims to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers for crimes committed with their products! 
Plus the government has used the enormous buying powers of the federal government to buy up HUGE sums of ammo to create artificial shortages to the general public!
These are all examples of backdoor or secret gun control tactics that don’t require any new laws on the books…
…And they could eventually lead to unofficial gun registries or outright gun confiscation!
This means it is more important than ever for you to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!
This is the exact reason that 3-years ago I decided to write volume one of The Firearms Survival Guide
I wanted you and your family to have ALL the information you needed to Maximize your Second Amendment Rights…
…And Learn How to Manufacture Your Own Firearms and Ammunition. 
Over the past few years, thousands of people have purchased this book and consumed the valuable information inside…
And many have paid as much as $49.99 for their very own copy. 
I’m proud to announce that the newest volume is ready and my goal is to get it into the hands of every gun owner or 2nd Amendment supporter who wants a copy! 
That’s Why I am Pleased to Give Away a Limited Number of Copies My Firearms Survival Guide for FREE!
My name is Keith Jacobs. You may know me from my websites PatriotPoweredNews.com, SaveMyRights.com and my popular Facebook pro-gun pages.
Or you may have seen my messages on sites like The Blaze, World Net Daily or other popular gun forums and websites.
I’ve been investigating the “war on guns” now for several years and when I tell others what I’ve uncovered…
They’re disgusted at the secret, under the table gun control tactics that are being used to undermine our Second Amendment Rights. 
It is because of this outrage, that I decided to write a book on long term firearms and ammo survival skills. 
In my Firearms Survival Guide book, you’ll learn how to prepare a firearms survival plan for your family… 
While also learning how to hide your guns and ammo from ANYONE who tries to steal them from you! 
And since access to guns and ammo could be difficult in coming years, I'm going to show you how to build your own Survival Rifle…
And how to manufacture your own ammunition!
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Let's take a quick look at what's included in this Home Firearm Survival Guide.
• A little-known loophole to Buy & Sell “Unregistered” firearms in all 50 states…This is a loophole gun grabbers desperately want closed!
• How to Custom Build Your Very Own AR-15 Survival Rifle …All for Pennies on the Dollar Compared to Buying One Retail! 
• The ONE Loophole for Purchasing a Specific Component of Your AR-15 that Makes it “Off the Books” … Meaning They Won’t Appear on ANY Government Registries and You Won’t Have to Undergo a Background Check. 
• Two Diffferent Step-by-step Methods for Building Your AR-15: The Beginner or “Common Man’s AR Build” and the More Advanced “CNC … This means practically anyone of any skill level can do it!
How to Have Complete Ammo Independence…Meaning You’ll have ALL the Ammo You Need During Shortages or After a Major Crisis or Disaster!
• One method to Legally Buy and Sell Firearms without Background Checks or Records of Sale (this technique works in most states!). 
• The 7 Reasons You Should Start Reloading Your Ammunition Today (a couple of these will blow your mind!)
16 Things to Consider Before You Start Reloading (Know this Information is the Difference Between Success and Failure when Reloading!). 
• You’ll Learn 21 Places Around Your Home to Hide Your Guns and Ammo so Invaders Can’t Find Them… Plus 6 Places to NEVER Hide Your Firearms Unless You Want them to be Taken!
• One “Black Ops” Technique to Make Intruders Go Away Thinking They’ve Found Your Stash…While Your Best Guns are Hidden and Ready to Use at a Moment’s Notice! 
Plus Much, Much More Valuable Firearms Survival Tips, Loopholes and Information!
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I’m Going Include a Digital Copy of a Special Bonus Report Called “The Gun Law Bible: What Every Gun Owner Should Know”.
This jam-packed guide has all the latest information you need to know about concealed carry, open carry and much more.
Plus it has state-by-state breakdowns of gun laws so you’ll know exactly how to make sure you’re carrying legally and lawfully.
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This guide will show you step-by-step, with detailed pictures, how to defend yourself and disarm an attacker that is threatening you with a gun, knife, bat, steel pipe or anything else that could be classified as a deadly weapon.
It’s a great book to teach everyone in your family how to defend yourself when your life is in danger.
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Now before I end this message, let me ask you this:
What are Your Long-Term Firearms and Ammo Survival Plans if Our Country Faced a Prolonged Crisis or Disaster?
I don’t know about you, but I am worried about our country.
Our national debt is out of control. We have more enemies now than ever in our history…
…And our society is more divided than ever before. 
If, God forbid, we faced a long-term crisis like an economic meltdown, a power grid collapse, a massive attack by an enemy or some other horrific scenario…
Would you be able to protect your family with the guns and ammo you have on hand right now? 
If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding NO! 
You’ve got a limited supply of ammunition and once it is gone…
Your guns become glorified paper weights! 
This is another reason I wrote the Firearms Survival Guide…
I want you to be able to manufacture your own ammo even when the shit hits the fan! 
Knowing how to produce your own ammo stockpile isn’t just a way to defend your family, home and property…
It also is a valuable skill that would be highly sought after in an “end of the world as we know it” scenario. 
You could trade your valuable ability for other things your family may need like food, water or shelter. 
If you haven’t thought about your long term firearms disaster preparedness plans, you NEED a copy of my book pronto!
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Look, by this point you’ve probably made up your mind about my guide. You need to have a plan for your home firearms and ammo survival...
And this is it.
The government is going to continue to find more effective and sneaky new ways to undermine our rights to own guns and ammo. 
If you wait too long, you might find you have your guns but ammo is simply too expensive to afford…
Or is simply not available anywhere on store shelves!
This is why YOU must start planning your long-term firearm survival now.
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I wish you the best of luck.
Keith Jacobs
Patriot, prepper, Online Security Consultant
Editor of PatriotPoweredNews.com