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WARNING: The Information on This Page Contains Graphic Violence and May Be Offensive to Some Audiences. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED
The video clip you just watched was NOT an isolated incident.
It is just an example of a terrifying crime trend.
In fact, there were an estimated 1,579,527 home intrusions in the U.S. just last year alone, according to the FBI Crime Report.
The numbers, I think you will agree, are frightening.
That amounts to 3 intrusions occurring every MINUTE of Every Day.
Chances are that a break-in or home invasion is happening right now…as you’re watching THIS presentation…
So how prepared are YOU?
How SECURE is YOUR home?
Are your defenses more like that of a castle or are they more like that of a theme park?
Would you know what to do if a determined criminal were to ever get inside?
How would YOU react?
UNLESS you have spent the past 10 years working as a home defense contractor, law enforcement officer or survival preparedness expert, it is very likely that your house has at least ONE major security flaw…
A flaw that a professional criminal could use to get inside your house like hot knife through butter!
Sadly, most American homes only have an expensive logo on their window which gives people a false sense of security
I can almost hear someone say…
“But I’m Already Paying for a Home Alarm System!”
Sure. Most people do.
However, a home alarm system only stops some outlaws from entering.
It does not, by itself, stop the intrusion from occurring.
And even if the alarm does get triggered, it can take sometimes up to 45 minutes for the police to arrive at your address!
Enough time for even an amateur burglar to rob your place 4 or 5 times over.
Because the Majority of U.S. Homes Are Ripe Targets for Criminals… 
I’ve Decided to Release a Limited Number of Copies of My “Family Home Defense Plans” Manual to The Public…
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This book shows the average man or woman how to FORTIFY the security of their house for cheap using items you can find at your local convenience store.
It also shows you how to successfully deal with an attacker if you ever happen to be at home.
Aside from that, this book will give you the peace of mind that your house is SECURE and if an attack would ever occur, you would be prepared to react accordingly.
Here are just some of the things you will discover inside:
  • The ONLY 3 REAL response options you have when confronted with an intruder (do anything else and your chances for survival go down to about zero)
  • One cheap trick to get the security of a professional home alarm system without paying for one
  • 4 “green light” signs a criminal looks for before deciding which house to target for invasion (eliminate these signs and you’re chances of being targeted plummet greatly!). 
  • 8 cheap trinkets that will secure your home better than their hundred-dollar expensive counterparts!
  • 6 things to teach your kids to do if a criminal ever breaks in while they’re home alone (this information is critical!). 
  • 5 common hiding spots for valuables which people think are safe… but actually are NOT (experienced criminals always look here first)
  • 3 questions to ask to decide which gun is best for your home defense strategy
  • The “Best Weapon” in any home invasion scenario (hint: it isn’t your gun, your baseball bat or that can of pepper spray!)
  • 4 common items around the house that can be turned into lethal weapons
And many more other actionable tips on safeguarding your house and preparing your family in the case of a home invasion or other type of intrusion.
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Hi, my name is Keith Jacobs and for the past 10 years I’ve trained and researched extensively in the topics of home defense, self-defense and survival preparedness.
After working in the industry for a while, I uncovered a truth that is bitter pill to swallow:
The amount of intrusions happening each year is not because criminals are getting better at what they do…
It’s simply because most U.S. household are horribly vulnerable and unprotected against intruder attacks.
I care about security and I support those who share the same value as I do,
That’s why I decided to bundle all my knowledge about home defense, DIY building and practical self-defense and put it all into a book full of actionable advice.
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The information inside will not only give you actionable steps to achieving an intruder-proof home,
It will actually SAVE YOU MONEY by showing you what free or cheap alternatives you can use instead of expensive security solutions that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars
Good security can be achieved on a budget... if you know how.
I think you will agree that this kind of information is PRICELESS so the small shipping & handling fee is almost nothing in comparison and would be a worthwhile investment if security is something you care about.
Now here’s the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION that few people answer correctly:
What Will You Do If You Ever See 
an Intruder in Your Home?
Or better yet, what security measures have you already taken to prevent attackers from targeting your home?
As we’ve seen, you can’t rely on a security company or even the police to protect you and save the lives of your family.
All they can do is respond AFTER an attack has happened, NOT before.
And if you ever encounter a violent attacker that is also trying to physically harm you, just like you’ve seen in the videos…
You will be entirely on your own capabilities and knowledge to OVERCOME such an encounter.
So take advantage of this offer and get access to this knowledge.
You will learn what to do when an actual attack occurs…
And you will also discover how to SECURE YOUR HOUSE before so that invaders and other criminals abandon the idea of robbing you before they even get to it.
Most importantly, this book will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and your family remains safe.
Remember, you won’t find these tactics and strategies anywhere else. It’s really like your family’s home defense manual. 
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You’ll get state-by-state breakdowns of Stand Your Ground laws and the Castle Doctrine. 
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Listen, I pray to God that your house never gets VIOLATED by a criminal…
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God Bless!