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• 3 questions to ask to decide which gun is best for your home defense strategy
• The “Best Weapon” in any home invasion scenario (hint: it isn’t your gun, your baseball bat or that can of pepper spray!)
• 4 common items around the house that can be turned into lethal weapons
Plus many other tips and advice for securing your home and protecting your family that I’ve learned from working for over 10 years in the industry.
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There’s a Frightening Trend in the U.S. on Home Invasions…
Just last year alone, there were 1,579,527 home intrusions committed on U.S. soil per the FBI Crime Report.
Even if you have a home alarm system installed that has been triggered, it can take up to 45 minutes before a police car arrives at your location.
A determined attacker will break into a house even if there is an alarm present, so the question is:
How secure is YOUR home?
Have you reinforced all the weak spots in your home’s defenses?
How well do you think you could handle yourself if you were face-to-face with an invader?
Would you know what to do?
Or would you panic and make it easier for them to rob or violate you?
Preparation is key to handling ANY situation.
If you prepare your home and you prepare yourself mentally, you will always be able to defend yourself against a home invasion or other intrusion.
This is exactly what this manual will teach you to do.
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