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It’s been over 50 years since the introduction of the NASA “Space Blanket” and today is just as popular and effective as ever before! 
As a matter of fact, no other material can reflect body heat so efficiently which is why the survival blanket is a must have for your home emergency survival kit, your hunting and camping bags, your fishing tackle box, bugout bag, your car and so on. 
Made from the same type of material as found on Neil Armstrong’s space suit (minus the pure gold!), these survival blankets can be life savers! 
Here are a few reasons you need one...
Provides Warmth in Emergency Situations – Retain Up to 90% of Your Body Heat in Freezing Cold or Wet Conditions!
• Made of Polyester Material Designed from Insulation Used in Space Exploration and Designed by NASA.
• Waterproof and Windproof – You’ll be Ready for Practically Any Type of Weather
• You Can Reuse Them Over and Over and They’ll Last for Years!
• They’re Light Weight and Don’t Take Up Much Space 
• Pocket Sized When Closed And 7ft by 4.5ft When Opened – Meaning They’ll Cover Practically Any Body Type!
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These Amazing Little Life Savers Have More Uses than a Roll of Duct Tape! 
20 Amazing Uses for the NASA-Inspired Survival Blanket
The Emergency Survival Blanket is so much more than just a blanket. Checkout this quick list of 20 things you can do with it…
1. Use it as a blanket for warmth to save your life!
2. Use it as a sleeping mat since it is waterproof
3. Use it as a Rain Catcher to prevent dehydration
4. Use it to help build your fire – it won’t melt until it reaches 250+ degrees and it can deflect the wind!
5. Use it to signal for help – it reflects sunlight so can be seen from airplanes, helicopters and other rescue vehicles. 
6. Use it to boost your cell phone signal buy twisting it and using like an antenna 
7. Use it as an emergency tourniquet, compression bandage or arm sling – great for when you can’t call 911!
8. Use it to Build a Shelter – can work in the same way you’d use a tent or tarp!
9. Use it as a tablecloth to prepare food 
10. Use it to melt snow for drinking water – this is a BIG deal!
11. Use it as a seat cover if you’re stranded in your car in the cold – it’ll help warm your seat.
12. Use it to wrap your pets in an emergency and keep them warm
13. Use it as a pillow by stuffing leaves, plants or other soft material inside. 
14. Use it to catch fish by cutting it into small squares and put it on a hook (fish can’t resist the reflection!). 
15. Use it to write notes to help first responders locate you if lost
16. Use it like rope by twisting it
17. Use it as a makeshift belt
18. Use it as an emergency flotation device by creating an air pocket
19. Use it as an improvised emergency light by reflecting the sun, moonlight or even your flashlight!
20. Use it to carry and even cook food you collect in the wild
This is just a partial list of ways you can use the NASA inspired Survival “Space Blanket”. There are many more uses!
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