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FBI Director Says ALL Americans Should
Cover the Webcams on their Computers
It is now possible for hackers to remotely access the webcam on your computer or the camera on your cell phone or tablet and watch you discreetly!
This means depending on where you keep your computer, laptop or phone, hackers can watch you inside your home practically any time they want. 
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden claims the NSA has had the ability to hack into phones and computers to spy on Americans since before 2008…
And according to a 2013 Fox News story, the FBI also has the ability to hijack your computer or phone’s camera without you ever knowing it!
Now even if you’re the kind of person who isn’t worried about government agencies spying on your private activities…
You should be very concerned about who else could be watching YOU or your children through digital peep holes!
Police across the country are warning families about the new danger of “Sextortion”
This is where sexual predators and other criminals spy on people through webcams and phone cameras…
…And secretly take photos or videos all while the unsuspecting victim is changing clothes, taking a shower or doing something else private inside their home.
Then the criminal reaches out to the victim and threatens to release the private photos and videos on social media or on YouTube unless…
…The victim either pays an exorbitant amount of money or performs sexual acts for the criminal either in person or over the Internet. 
No one is immune from this type of crime…
Even the former Miss Teen USA was blackmailed by a sexual predator in an elaborate sextortion scheme which became mainstream news when the story was released. 
So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from this type of horrifying invasion of privacy? 
Unfortunately, if your computer, tablet or phone has a built in camera there isn’t any setting you can change to prevent this type of hacking…
Criminal hackers have figured out clever ways to override your webcam settings (even if you’ve got it turned off!). 
However, there is one simple solution you can implement that will provide you peace of mind no matter what device you use!
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Our unique solution for protecting your privacy from hackers, sexual predators and even government agencies is very easy to implement. 
You get SIX reusable “adhesive free” and moveable vinyl screen blockers that are guaranteed to work on any device you own! 
You simply stick them on your computer webcam, phone camera or tablet camera and intruders won’t be able to see a darn thing! 
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If you have a computer, phone or tablet with a camera and it is connected to the Internet…
Then YOU are at risk of being spied on by hackers, sexual predators and even the government! 
The Privacy Bullet Webcam Spy Blocker is the only solution that offers 100% piece of mind no matter the device you use to access the Internet! 
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 You may not realize it, but those new credit cards with the embedded chips that all of the banks are now sending to replace your existing cards…
…They have a major privacy and security flaw! 
Criminals can use RFID digital readers to STEAL your financial data simply by walking by and swiping near your wallet or purse!
However, place your credit cards in these RFID Blocking sleeves and you can STOP these Digital Pick-Pocketers in their Tracks! 
These types of RFID Blocking Sleeves sell for as much as $9.95, but you get them FREE when you claim your free copy of Webcam Spy Blocker!
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As the name implies, this comprehensive PDF guide teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about identity theft including…
• The various schemes criminals use to steal your personal credit information…
• Tips for how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft…
• What to do if your identity is stolen…
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